Afrika Msimang

Afrika Msimang

Afrika Msimang

Ms Afrika Msimang is a trustee member of Moves for life, a chess organization that enjoys the patronage of President of the Republic.

Ms Msimang is a specialist in political economy.  She has excelled in the fields of journalism, fraud prevention research, development studies, project management, monitoring and evaluation, strategy and policy analysis, training and facilitation, as well as corporate stakeholder relations and sustainable community development.


Her Experience as Policy Advisor & Political science Lecturer

She has served as a public servant in her capacity as a policy advisor to the Executive Mayor of Tshwane and a media liaison officer at both provincial government and at National Parliament level.

As a community activist, she has directed several NGOs, including the Parliament of World’s Religions, which hosted 7000 participants from all over the world.

In 1990 she was the youngest published writer of a socio, economic andpolitical magazine called SAPES in Zimbabwe. She is the recipient of the Sasakawa Award to pursue a Master degree in Public Administration.

She has also furthered her academic passion as a political science and international relations lecturer at the University of Pretoria. She was an independent consultant for the Dutch Embassy, where she provided socio-economic and political analysis. She is also the chairperson of the South African Air Force spouses Forum.

Awards and Associations:-

Sasakawa Scholarship –Masters Programme

Van der Bijl merit Scholarship-Undergraduate Programme

University of Johannesburg merit scholarship- Undergraduate and Honours Programme

Multicultural Programme scholarship.

Drug Prevention Awareness -Trophy

Community Leader –Trophy

Southern African Political Economy Series Trust – Associate member

African Association of Political Scientists- Associate member

Afrika Msimang’s current appointment

She is a director of community and stakeholder relations at  Anglo American Inyosi Coal (AAIC) and proud to serve an inconic mining institution.

AAIC and Afrika’s role

Anglo’s good citizenship business principles guide theirdecisions and actions. Wherever they are in the world, they adhere to consistently high standards of businessintegrity and ethics, balancing investor returns with community well being.

Anglo strives to make a lasting contribution to the well being of these communities while generating strong investor returns.

Afrika mobilizes the mining communities to form cooperatives and to identify their most pressing concerns and design solutions. She gives communities space and skills to take more responsibility and ownership of their own surroundings and future, thus empowering them by removing dependency and create in themselves ownership of Anglo development initiatives, that will remain sustainable beyond the company’s mining operations within the area.

Afrika has encouraged enterprise development through the use of both CSI and social performance funds.  Her philosophy is: enterprise development with a social development face, allows communities to identify and grow social businesses that are initiated with the primary purpose of addressing a social need and a secondary purpose of rewarding the entrepreneurs and job seekers with employment opportunity.

She also enjoys stakeholder engagement with various government departments and various mining houses.


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