Our Sponsors

We have several sponsors. On this page we thought it pertinent to give you the social values that each of the following sponsors prescribe to. This is an ongoing process and we will periodically add new sponsors to the page.

AngloAmerican_logoANGLO AMERICAN takes responsibility in making a real and lasting contribution to the development of South Africa and its communities. The company is committed towards building into South Africa’s future and playing a meaningful role in mine community development. Their commitment and aim is to benefit their host communities, minimizing their impact on the environment at the same time as well as ensuring the health and safety of their employees.

BHP_Billiton (2)BHP BILLITON is a leading global resources company, being one of the world’s largest major commodity producers (including manganese, coal, aluminum etc.). The company aims to play a major role in the development of the communities where they operate, contributing in overcoming barriers and obstacles preventing communities from developing optimally in environmental, economic, social and educational areas.

BHPB VALUES:    Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Performance, Simplicity and Accountability

Denell blackDENEL SOC is South Africa’s largest manufacturer of defence equipment and a key supplier to the South African National Defence Force’s arsenal. The company values

PERFORMANCE Excellence, INTEGRITY in every aspect of their business, Creating INNOVATIVE sustainable solutions, CARING for their employees and customers, as well as the environment and communities, and ACCOUNTABILITY regarding their choices, decisions and actions

Logo-Sasol-2012 (1)SASOL, as an internationally integrated energy and chemical company, is committed to excelling in everything they do. As the company expands internationally, SASOL stays committed to South Africa as their home-base, leveraging the talent and expertise of their employees globally. The company’s code of ethics governs their approach to ethical behaviour and fair business practice. SASOL’s is committed to contributing and building into global socioeconomic development, with the majority investments in South Africa. Their key priorities are focused on:

Education (from school-based education in science, technology and literature, to enabling higher education and the development of critical and scarce work skills)

Job creation (focusing especially on the sustainable creation of employment particularly for unskilled/marginalised groups such as women and children)

Health and Welfare (with the emphasis on addressing key challenges like HIV/Aids., tuberculosis and malaria)

Arts, Culture and sport development (focusing especially on local talent)

Environment (pro-actively engaging communities in reducing their impact on the natural environment)

Tsogo-Sun-logoTSOGO SUN’s vision is to provide the greatest possible variety of quality hospitality, leisure, gaming and entertainment experiences at every one of their destinations. The company’s values encourage Teamwork, Service, Opportunity, Growth and Ownership. Social responsibility is also drives Tsogo Sun to become involved in the educational growth of the nearby communities.


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