Chess Excellence makes massive strides with local tournament

CrawfordTSMFL6In an excellent intuitive, the Tsogo Sun Moves for Life “Chess Excellence Program” in partnership with Crawford College Lonehill and King David Victory Park hosted a 4 a side tournament from the 1st of June until the 25th of June 2015 at Crawford College Lonehill.

The participants were divided into age groups : Juniors and Seniors.  The tournament started at 14h00 and time of play was 60-60. The games ended at 16h00.  Transport to the competition venue was provided by Tsogo Sun Moves for Life.

CrawfordTSMFL11The tournament was attended by the following Schools and consisted of 19 teams which participated – the were :

Fronties A, St. Davids A, NWC School Senior, NWC School Junior, St. Davids B, Musengavhadzimu A, King David Victory Park A, King David Victory Park B, Musengavhadzimu B, Paradise C, Diepsloot 4B, Reshomile A, Reshomile B, Muzomuhle A, King David Victory Park Junior A, Muzomuhle B, Diepsloot 4A, Paradise B and Paradise A

Tsogo Sun Moves for Life sent five participating schools to the Tournament.  These were Diepsloot 4, Paradise Bend, Reshomile, Muzomuhle and Musengavhadzimu. Many of the  scholars from these schools had never participated in an organised Schools tournament previously while a number of their opponents were individuals who had competed at National Chess Tournaments.

CrawfordTSMFL22While the Tsogo Sun Moves for Life supported schools didn’t manage to beat any of the “stronger” Schools, the participants gave their best and they have gained valuable experiance from the tournament.

Many of the scholars attended the tournament not knowing how to notate and also use the Chess clock. However by the end of the tournament participants were able to notate and also became familiar with the clock thereby gaining valuable experience in the finer nuances of the game of Chess which will certainly help them as well as their Tutors going forward as they embrace the “Game of Kings”.

Results Chess Excellence 1

The tutors that were present were Dumisani Nhlapo, Wonder Mothlabane, Epeneth Lekalakala and Linda Makhubela.

Tsogo Sun Moves for Life : making a difference in our children’s education.

Neville Smith






About Tsogo Sun Moves for Life

Education through Chess. A proven intervention to unlock the potential of SA's children. Moves for Life unlocks the cognitive potential of South African children by structured implementation of chess education where essential aspects of the game are actively linked with math, science and lifeskill concepts. Learning fundamental concepts are made fun and exciting for the child.
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