Chess president expected in Dar

Lewis Ncbube interviewed by Goran Urosevic (photo Kirill Merkuriev)

Lewis Ncbube interviewed by Goran Urosevic (photo Kirill Merkuriev)

President for African Chess Confederation (ACC) Lewis Ncube is expected to arrive in Dar es Salaam tomorrow for a two-day official visit.

Chairman for Tanzania Chess Foundation Vinay Choudary said Ncube will be in the country from tomorrow to Saturday discussing issues related to the game and   will meet local chess association (TCA) and other stakeholders of the sport.

He also said while in the country Ncube and TCA leaders will discuss on the preparations for Tanzania to host this year’s  African Schools Individual Championships to be held in August 14-23 in Dar es Salaam, chess in schools and also how to improve the game.

“The African Chess President will be in the country on Thursday, we are very happy that his trip has been confirmed, his tour will help in improving a lot of things, we will discuss with him on development of the game and also explore other means of developing chess”, he said.

Choudary said the African Schools Individuals Championships in August will attract many people hence the need of starting early preparations.

He said Spice Net Tanzania will sponsor the August championship, but called others to help so that the event succeeds.

“We have full support by Spice Net Tanzania and the local chess Foundation will sponsor the African Schools Individual Championships, it is not enough we need others to help, we must start preparations now because this will be one of the biggest tournaments attracting many players from around the continent, we will soon name the tournament preparations committee”, he said.

As one way of promoting chess in schools TCA recently conducted a three days training for more than 120 Scout Tanzania commissioners.

TCA has also recently donated chess boards and clocks to Miburani Secondary School in Temeke District. Sunday Manara is training the students while Nurdin Hasuji trains at Shaban Robert Secondary School players.



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