KCF Africa offers big motivation for playing in FIDE rated events

KCF Africa  have agreed to offer a bonus prize of ZAR 5,000 for the player who performs best across the three forthcoming FIDE rated tournaments that will be held in Tshwane between January and April 2015. We approached the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa to find out why they offered such a prize. They simply want to encourage the players to take part in more FIDE rated events. That’s a brilliant move!


The qualifying events are the 2015 Piet Robertse Open, the 2015 Waterkloof Open and the 2015 Capablanca Open.

Players must participate in the FIDE rated sections of all three events to be eligible for the bonus which will be awarded to the player who records the highest aggregate tournament performance across the three events.

The final entry form for the 2015 Piet Robertse Open has just been published and is now available for download at

Online entries can also be done via the link above. Entries for the Prestige section close on the evening of Tuesday 27th January so please enter urgently.

The Prestige section of the Piet Robertse offers a guaranteed prize fund of ZAR 10,000 with a first prize of ZAR 5,000. The Open section will offer prizes worth ZAR 4,000 with a first prize of ZAR 1,500.


About Tsogo Sun Moves for Life

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